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Testing myself

April 23, 2013

So, for the last mod of my 3rd semester at my acting conservatory, Shakespeare was the name of the game. What was left of my class was given the challenge of conquering The Merchant of Venice. Whooo! Was that a hard play or what. I played Portia, which basically translates into me having the most lines. I was told this early on and it terrified me! I did every trick I could think of to learn what felt like a million and one lines. Goodness. I wasn’t off book until two days before the school’s viewing. TWO. It was a struggle to say the least. Throughout the five weeks we had to put the rehearsal project together, I learned to appreciate old Billie for his wit and brilliant writing. My teacher Rex is an amazing teacher. He broke down everything so plainly that my distaste for this popular playwright turned into an admiration. As a matter of, over break I would like to read another Shakespeare play. I was thinking of Much Ado About Nothing. Rex said doing/ studying Shakespeare makes you a better actor. I really believe this is 100% true. I feel out of every performance, this is the only time I actually did what I was supposed to do. Like everything clicked. Well, at least I tried. I also think reading/ studying Shakespeare increases one’s intelligence. Despite the process being a bumpy road for my classmates and I, I am proud of how everything turned out. Minus me beating myself up in the beginning about what I felt were my preparation/ performance’s shortcomings. I’m now on break for two weeks and I would like to take the time to refresh my mind and refocus.




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